Academic Assembly

Academic Assembly is the supreme body of Nepal Academy. The major tasks of the Assembly is to guide and direct the Academic Council as well as to approve the plans, programs and budget, form necessary rules and regulations, and decide upon awards, honours, fellowships, life and honorary memberships to be conferred.

Academic Assembly comprises:

A. Chancellor    -Chairman
B.  Vice-Chancellor     -Vice-Chairman
C.  Secretary, Ministry of Culture          -Ex Officio Member
D.  Thirty five people nominated by the Prime Minister among those who have significant contribution in the field of Nepali and other national languages and their literature, culture, social sciences and philosophy of Nepal -Member
E.  Secretary, Nepal Academy    -Member Secretary
The Prime Minister will be the Chief Patron, and the Minister for culture will be the Patron of the Academy.


S.N. Name Designation
1 Chancellor Mr. Ganga Prasad Uprety Chairman
2 Vice-Chancellor Dr. Jagman Gurung Vice-Chairman
3 Member Prof. Dinesh Raj Pant Member
4 Member Prof. Dr. Yogendra Prasad Yadava Member
5 Member Prof. Dr. Hemnath Paudel Member
6 Member Prof. Dr. Usha Thakur Member
7 Member Ms. Maya Thakuri Member
8 Prof. Dr. Gopindra Paudel Member
9 Member Ms. Laxmi Mali Member
10 Member Dr. Devi Nepal Member
11 Prof. Keshv Subedi Member
12 Ms. Rama Sharma Member
13 Mr. Ram Binay (Ram Kumar Shrestha) Member
14 Prof. Dr. Khem Koirala Bandhu Member
15 Prof. Dr. Gopal Prasad Pokharel Member
16 Prof. Dr. Kapil Lamichhane Member
17 Mr. R.D. Prabhas Chataut Member
18 Mr. Hari Prasad Timilsina Member
19 Mr. Shashi Lumumbu Member
20 Mr. Bibas Pokharel Member
21 Mr. Dhruva Madhikarmi Member
22 Mr. Rambabu Subedi Member
23 Dr. Rajani Dhakal Member
24 Dr. Gita Tripathi Member
25 Dr. Hari Datta Pande Member
26 Ms. Laxmi Uprety Member
27 Dr. Govinda Acharya Member
28 Mr. Nandu Prasad Uprety Member
29 Mr. Maheshwor Ray Member
30 Mr. Harishchandra Lawati Member
31 Ms. Subhadra Bhattarai Member
32 Ms. Bina Sinha Member
33 Mr. Surya Khadka Bikharchi Member
34 Member Secretary Prof. Jagat Prasad Upadhyaya Member Secretary
35 Secretary, Ministry of Culture Ex Offico Member